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Kodiak & the Alaska Peninsula
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Kodiak & the Alaska Peninsula



Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

Afognak, Raspberry & Shuyak Islands

Katmai National Park & Preserve

McNeil River State Game Sanctuary

Becharof National Wildlife Refuge

Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve


Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge

Sand Point

King Cove

Cold Bay

Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

King Cove

Location/Climate: 18 miles from Cold Bay, 625 miles southwest of Anchorage on Pacific coast of Alaska Peninsula. 33"/yr. precip., 52"/yr. snowfall, -9°F–76°F.

Population: 879 (39.2 percent Aleut).

Travel Attractions: Ferry link, access to Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge.

Getting There: Scheduled air service from Anchorage, charter air, scheduled ferry service from Homer and Kodiak.

Information: City Office, P.O. Box 37, King Cove, AK 99612, 497-2340, www.ilovealaska.com/alaska/kingcove.

Scandinavians and Aleuts were early settlers of King Cove, established as a salmon-canning town in the early 1900s. The Peter Pan fish-processing facility is the main employer and one of the largest operations under one roof in the state.

The 7,028-foot summit of Pavlof Volcano is 30 air miles from town. Overland access to the east unit of Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is possible in the treeless terrain, though shrub and tundra don’t invite easy passage and you should consult the village corporation office about native land restrictions. Sea kayaking is a better option in the partially sheltered passage and bay waters. There are no outfitters in town, though charters and rentals may be available.

Where to Stay and Eat in King Cove

Fleet’s Inn, 497-2312. The main place in town. Rooms are $75–$105.