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The Interior: Fairbanks & the Yukon Valley


Location/Climate: On north bank of Yukon River, 270 air miles west of Fairbanks. 13"/yr. precip., 60"/yr. snowfall, below zero°F–low 70s°F.

Population: 527 (45.3 percent Koyukon Athabascan).

Travel Attractions: Access to Yukon River and to Koyukuk, Innoko, and Nowitna National Wildlife Refuges.

Getting There: Scheduled air service from Fairbanks and other points; charter air; Yukon River.

Information: Contact a flying service in Fairbanks, or call the Galena City Office, P.O. Box 149, Galena, AK 99741, 656-1301.

As the largest village in the region, Galena serves as the logical gateway for visits to the Nowitna, Koyukuk, and Innoko Refuges. The airstrip was once used by the military and can handle large planes. The economy is mixed, with most residents involved in government, air transport, retail, or commercial fishing jobs. Fairbanks’ flying services are good sources of information on the links needed to reach remote destinations via Galena (see the Appendix).

Where to Stay and Eat in Galena

Yukon Cactus B&B, 656-1728.