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Denali & the Alaska Range
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Denali & the Alaska Range


George Parks Highway (AK3) -- Wasilla to Fairbanks


Denali State Park

Denali National Park and Preserve

McKinley Park (the town)


Denali Highway (AK8)

National Wild and Scenic Rivers: Delta and Gulkana

Central Richardson Highway (AK4) -- Glenallen to Delta Junction

National Wild and Scenic Rivers: Delta and Gulkana

True river-running adventure is available on routes that parallel the Richardson Highway, one draining north from the crest of the Alaska Range, the other south. Both the Delta and the Gulkana are administered by the BLM, though the Gulkana passes mainly through state, private, and native lands.

The Delta River route starts at the Tangle Lakes Campground at Mile 21.2 of the Denali Highway (AK 8), and flows 30 miles to the most commonly used take-out point at Mile 212.5 of the Richardson Highway. There is one portage around a waterfall and several stretches of Class II rapids; experienced canoeists can handle it if the water’s not too high (or low). Scout all rapids before trying them! Adventurers can continue as far as they wish, taking the Delta to the Tanana at Delta Junction, then on to the Yukon and the Bering Sea. See you next month.

The main put-in for the Gulkana River is at the Paxson Lake BLM campground at Mile 175 of the Richardson Highway. This beautiful 10-mile lake drains into the main fork of the Gulkana. The first take-out at Sourdough Campground, Mile 147.6 of the Richardson, is about 50 miles from the put-ins.

Contact the BLM before taking either route to get the latest on permits and regulations, as well as current river information: Glenallen District Office, P.O. Box 147, Glenallen, AK 99588, 822-3217.