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Anchorage, Matsu & Cook Inlet
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Anchorage, Matsu & Cook Inlet



Chugach State Park

Seward Highway (AK9)--Portage to Anchorage

Girdwood & Alyeska

Portage Glacier Recreation Area (Chugach National Forest)

Knik Arm

Glenn Highway (AK1)--Anchorage to Parks Highway Junction





Hatcher Pass

Independence Mine State Historic Park

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

The Glenn Highway (AK 1)
Anchorage to Parks Highway Junction

Road Conditions and Attractions—35 miles. Multilane freeway and four-lane paved road, open year-round, occasional thick traffic. Chugach State Park access, Eklutna Village, Knik Arm wetlands.

This short segment of the Glenn Highway runs northeast out of Anchorage between the Chugach Mountains and Knik Arm. It’s a speedy freeway for much of its length and a busy four-lane for the rest. Since this is the only road route into Anchorage from the north and east, traffic can be thick—especially during commute hours.

Anchorage (Mile 0–Mile 6)—See Anchorage, above. Note that the Glenn splits into a pair of one-way city streets in Anchorage, 5th Street and 6th Street. The heart of downtown is from C Street to I Street between 6th and 3rd. If you’re racing into town from the north, just stay on the Glenn and you’ll end up in the heart of the city.

Arctic Valley Road and Fort Richardson (Mile 6.1 northbound exit, Mile 7.5 southbound exit)—Fort Richardson Military Reservation —a piece of property as big as Anchorage itself—is to the north. To the south, the steep, winding, and lovely Arctic Valley Road leads to Ski Bowl Road, Arctic Valley Ski Area, and trailheads.

Hiland Road Exit (Mile 11.6)—Go 1.5 miles to reach the very popular Eagle River Campground, 58 sites, $15, day use $3, 345-5014 for information. Access to Eagle River and South Fork trails can be found along the road.

Eagle River and Old Glenn Highway (Mile 13.4)—The town of Eagle River (area population approximately 18,000) is largely a bedroom community and the chief suburb of Anchorage. It was homesteaded after World War II and continues to grow rapidly. Eagle River Road is an access route for Chugach State Park and the kayak runs of the upper Eagle River (turn right just south of the highway). There are numerous services, most along the Old Glenn Highway which parallels the new route for about 10 miles. For information, call 694-4702, www.cer.org, or stop at the Visitor Information Office, 11401 Old Glenn Highway in Eagle River. The Southcentral Alaska Museum of Natural History offers wildlife dioramas, extensive fossil and mineral collections, other exhibits, and a gift shop. 11723 Old Glenn Highway, Parkgate Building (across from McDonalds), Eagle River.

North Eagle Access Road (Mile 17.2)—If traveling toward Anchorage, turn here for the Old Glenn Highway and access to Eagle River.

Peters Creek (Mile 21.5)—Access to the Old Glenn Highway and Peters Creek Trail (see Chugach State Park Trails).

Thunderbird Falls and Eklutna Road (northbound access) (Mile 25.3)—Exit here and drive N mile to reach the Thunderbird Falls Trail (1 mile, small gain), which leads to a pretty falls with some dangerous cliffs. The road continues to a junction with Eklutna Road and access to Eklutna Lake State Recreation Site (see Chugach State Park Trails).

Eklutna Village and Eklutna Road (southbound access) (Mile 26.3)—Exit here to reach Eklutna Village (north of the highway, see below), as well as Eklutna Road and access to Eklutna Lake State Recreation Site (see Chugach State Park Trails).

Old Glenn Highway (Mile 29.6)—The flats between the Matanuska and Knik deltas host lowland forest, modest farms, and several small lakes and wetlands. Firmer soils gradually give way to wet meadows, channel isles, tidal wetlands, and the tidal flats of the arm itself. For a swing through the dryer end of the lowlands and a look at Knik River, take Old Glenn Highway into Palmer (19 miles).

From its junction with the Old Glenn Highway just south of the bridge, Knik River Road follows the Knik River inland. The Pioneer Ridge trailhead is about 3 miles up the road (see Palmer-Area Trails). The foot of Knik Glacier can be glimpsed with a little effort, or by heading upriver via powerboat.

George Parks Highway Junction (Mile 35.3)—Turn east here to stay on the Glenn for Palmer, the Matanuska valley, the Copper River basin, and beyond. Head west if you are going to Wasilla, Denali, or Fairbanks.