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Other Aleutian Islands

Several other Aleutian Islands can be visited. In general, they have no tourist or travel facilities and must be reached by expensive flights on relatively small aircraft.

Umnak—This big island just west of Unalaska hosts the largely Aleut community of Nikolski (population 27, 87percent native). Domestic animals roam freely over much of the island, including about 7,000 sheep, 300 head of cattle, and 30 horses. The eastern end of the island is dominated by Okmok Caldera, wrapped near the coast by a small road system centered around Fort Glenn. The wide coastal lowlands on parts of Umnak are somewhat unusual for the Aleutians.

Atka—Rugged, narrow, and long, the western end of Atka Island and most of Amlia Island to the east are part of the Aleutian Islands Wilderness. The town of Atka (population 97, 90 percent Aleut) is situated near a neck of land that separates two sheltered bays. North of this neck, the island swells to about 15 miles in diameter to accommodate 4,760-foot Mount Kliuchef with its splendid crater lake, and 5,030-foot Korovin Volcano, which rises from the north crater rim. Air service is available twice weekly.

Attu—The one great battle on American soil during World War II took place on Attu. The battlefield is preserved today as a historic site, while nearby locations such as Navy Town and Massacre Bay speak to the military history of the place. The Coast Guard is now in charge of access, though it isn’t difficult to visit if you can afford it. Attu is the last of the Aleutians, over 1,200 air miles west of Anchorage. The island is rugged, though it has no high peaks. A short road system at the island’s east end connects Navy Town, the settlement of Attu, Casco Cove Coast Guard Station, and the Attu Battlefield.