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Location/Climate: 1,250 air miles from Anchorage; Adak Naval Air Station on Adak Island. 21"/yr. precip., 41"/yr. snowfall, 11°F–65°F.

Population: 874 (1.2 percent native). Population was almost 5,000 before the Naval Air Station was scaled back.

Travel Attractions: Remote cabins (military), Aleutian Islands wilderness access.

Getting There: Military air with permission.

Information: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Manager, 2355 Kachemak Bay Drive, Suite 101, Homer, AK 99603-8021, 235-6546, r7aiuwr@mail.fws.gov (type "Attention Refuge Manager" on subject line); Aleutian Islands Unit, P.O. Box 5251, Adak, AK 99546, 592-2406, www.r7.fws.gov/nwr/akmnwr/akmnwr.html.

Adak was long an important naval base in the Pacific, but those days are gone. Adak Naval Air Station is now scheduled to be completely shut down and virtually all island residents are to be moved. It will be interesting to see how the facilities are used, if at all. The island has a small road system, 3,000-foot Mount Moffett, sheltered bay waters, a military-grade airstrip, and lots of empty buildings. The southern half of the island is part of the Aleutian Islands Wilderness. Several reservable public-use cabins are scattered throughout the wilderness, offering the chance for comfort in the wild.

If you have the unique opportunity to consider visiting Adak, consult the Refuge Manager of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge to get current information.